• Hire a well-rounded, experienced marketer who has worked for some

    of the most notable startup and tech companies on Planet Earth.

    Hiring a good marketing department can make or break your company. Why not hire someone with management experience and a solid track record in Silicon Valley, the biggest tech market in the world?

    I was marketing hire #1 at Heroku (acquired by salesforce.com), #1 at Nexmo (acquired by Vonage for $250 million), and #2 at Volusion (soon to IPO).

  • Available Services

    Creative marketing that is driven by data is powerful. How can I help your company reach this balance?

    Product Marketing and Positioning

    It's hard to see what's amazing about your product already if you are constantly thinking about how it could be better.


    Let me help. I've created a process for discovering what messaging resonates with your audience, as well as a framework for ensuring this value comes out in every marketing asset you launch.

    Conversion Optimization

    Most websites lose 50% of their traffic within the first eight seconds, and almost all freemium apps convert at less than 2%.


    Boosting these numbers gets me up in the morning. I'll make sure you aren't missing out on key opportunities for customer acquisition and revenue growth.

    Content Marketing and Execution

    Writing is hard for a lot of people.  I am not one of them.


    I have written, ghost written, and edited content for a variety of mediums and publications including websites, blogs, case studies, newsletters, drip campaigns, and press releases. Whether you want full-service copywriting or just someone to help edit your work, I can help.

  • Skills


    Product messaging, branding/identity, website copywriting, blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, press releases, design layout/prototyping, copyediting, Twitter/LinkedIn/retargeting advertising


    Lead flow optimization, search engine optimization, A/B testing


    I have managed PR, Design/Development, SEO, Copywriting, Developer Evangelism, and Video Production teams.

    Tools and Technologies Used


    Wordpress, Joomla, Jekyll, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Pardot, Salesforce, Moqups, Hootsuite, Unbounce, Keynote, AdRoll




    Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, Mixpanel, Hootsuite, Optimizely, AdRoll



    HTML, Markdown, GitHub

    Looking for other marketing services as well?

    Not to worry.  I have a trusted network of experienced Design, SEO, Demand Gen, PR, and Video Production contractors I have worked for in the past.  Please let me know if you would like introductions.

  • work samples

    Complete Rebranding/Website Overhaul/Internationalization for Nexmo

    300% increase in conversion after new website launch.

    The founders at Nexmo had a lot of domain and technical expertise, but had never done any marketing.  The international reliability of Nexmo's SMS and Voice API gave me ample material for content.

    With the team at SuperEight Studios, I managed the launch of a new website in four languages, new messaging, a new newsletter template, case study template, white paper template, business card, and event booth.




    Skills used: branding/identity, management of multiple contractors/vendors, layout/design direction, copywriting, analytics, newsletter marketing

    Sales Enablement Materials for Heroku

    Marketing hire #1 during period of 10000% growth.

    If you've ever done enterprise sales, you'll know that few enterprises are comfortable being early adopters.  That's why sales enablement materials are so crucial.


    I created Heroku's first white papers and significantly increased their available case studies.  These included key brands such as Activision, ASICS, and CareerBuilder.  I also created all the Heroku marketing materials used in salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff's presentations.  




    Skills used: contractor management, copywriting, layout/design direction, video editing direction, newsletter marketing, social media marketing, Keynote

    Platform Tour and Syntax Explorer for DataSift

    "This is probably one of the most concise explanations of a platform I've ever seen." -- Jesse Crouch, developer

     DataSift is a powerful platform that requires significant expertise to use.  To reduce this friction, I worked with a Product Manager to make both a tour of everything our platform did and a syntax explorer that made it easier to understand how to use it.  Check them out:






    Skills used: product management, design direction, copywriting, CSDL syntax knowledge, blogging, sales enablement

    NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contest

    "Genius marketing."  -- Adam Ostrow, former Mashable Editor

    In 2008, Twitter was just taking off.  My client NameCheap and I decided to beat the trend by launching a massive contest on Twitter leveraging the Twitter API.  To play, you had to create a NameCheap account using your Twitter credentials.


    The contest resulted in a 20% increase in new customers, over 130 backlinks to our site, and mentions in Yahoo News, Mashable, and O'Reilly Radar.




    Skills used: website copywriting, press release writing, blogging, newsletter marketing, Twitter, design management

    "Momentum Storyline" Press Push for Nexmo

    Article that lead to over twelve VC pitches, a large partnership, and one acquisition offer.

    Nexmo quietly built a solid customer base with little capital, so it was time to show off a bit so potential investors would get excited.


    Along with Natron Communications, I shaped a press release that was then pitched to GigaOm.  The response was overwhelming.




    Skills used: press release writing

    Ghost Writing

    Please contact me for sample articles.

  • Certifications and Awards

    My breadth and depth of skills come from years of working for startups in early stages of revenue growth.

    PMC Certified Product Marketer

    I've created and tested messaging for over half a dozen startups using the fundamentals from Pragmatic Marketing's "Product Marketing Certification" course.

    Google Analytics Certified

    Every engagement starts with a full marketing funnel audit, which will show you exactly where leads come in, convert, and drop off.

    Recipient of the 2009 Texas Social Media Award

    I have created strategies and managed social media accounts for Indeed.com, eHarmony, and Heroku. Several of my campaigns were featured in Yahoo News, Mashable, and O'Reilly Radar.

  • Contact Me

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